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Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, Valerie Basile Grunther of Inner Flame Yoga offers group and private and small group yoga lessons for individuals, businesses, and corporations in the Central New Jersey area. Specialties in yoga for low back pain, osteoporosis, chronic illnesses, alignment based flow, gentle, restorative and chair.


testimonials from Valerie's yoga clients

I have had the privilege of teaching so many wonderful people.
Here is what some of them had to say...

"I never knew how much I was missing in my yoga practice until I started private lessons with Valerie. Thanks to Val, I'm learning the important nuances that make each yoga posture more meaningful, enjoyable, and beneficial. This evolution of my practice has increased my awareness of the mind/body connection and strengthened me physically and spiritually.
- Anne E.

"I am extremely happy with my one-on-one yoga sessions with Valerie. Valerie is very knowledgeable, professional, approachable, genuine and super nice. She has a great positive energy as a teacher and as a person. She is very reliable and responsible. Before introducing the client to actual asanas, she teaches proper alignments and grounding of the body (such as feet for standing asanas and palms for planks and similar asanas) as well as proper breathing. Her approach to the sessions is very hands on and professional as she makes sure that every minute of the session is useful and filled with actual practice.
I highly recommend Valerie's services, her private sessions are an amazing value." 
- Elena F.

"Val is an incredible instructor. She uniquely combines the rigorous physical discipline and the inspirational spiritual dimensions of yoga. And, she has a special gift for explaining the proper techniques for postures - a foundation that has enabled my practice to grow at a very rapid pace.  (Hint: take a couple of private lessons with her!!!) Val's smile warms the heart, even when she is kicking your proverbial butt. She's one of the very best teachers I've ever had! I am ever gratuitous."
- Maggie W.

"Power and grace certainly defines Valerie as a yoga instructor, but not completely. Valerie's passion for living and teaching yoga philosophy translates into a gift for all her students. Not only does Valerie work her students physically, she does so by training her student's minds. Her attention to each student's practice allows each one to grow as an individual, even during a class filled with 30 participants. It's an honor for me to recommend Valerie as an instructor and a role model. I will continue to be a student of hers for years to come."
- Susan O.

"It has been said the "Those that can do and those that can't teach." Val can do both! It helps to be able to see how to do a pose correctly. I love the pace of her classes as well.  Some how she manages to meet the needs of all levels. I always walk out of class feeling great!"
- Darenda S.

“Val is an inspiring teacher who embodies what she teaches. Her yoga sessions are challenging, without being intimidating. She encourages her students to find their own unique place in each posture with a focus on proper alignment, going at your own pace, and challenging yourself, while emotionally and physically letting go. She works so intuitively, that at whatever level you are, your body will respond. Your mind will respond. Your spirit will respond. Her students love her, because she's an incredible teacher!"
- Tracy S.

"Even though I had been practicing yoga for some time, after a serious injury I needed to learn how to practice in a whole new way. Val was there to teach me how to work with the changes that had taken place in my body. She encouraged and supported me through my frustrations and setback. She stands out among all the instructors I have practiced with thus far. It is clear that Val's motivation is to help others reach their physcial and spiritual goals. She leads others with a strong knowledge base and respect for the individual's strengths and limitations. Treat yourself to the experience of Val's expertise!!"
- Janice H.

"In an effort to manage the severe scoliosis that I’ve had since I was a teenager, I recently began yoga at the advice of my health professionals.  I quickly discovered, however, that I was having difficulty in participating in the various group classes because of the need for specialized modifications for my practice.  After numerous recommendations, I contacted Val for private lessons with the goal of developing a yoga program tailored for my age (57) and condition. As a result of Val’s knowledge and expertise, her patience and guidance, and her willingness to work with my physical therapist and orthopedist, I am now able to practice yoga on a regular basis in group classes with confidence having learned the modifications that are appropriate for me.  In working with Val, I have been given a new lease on life because I know that by practicing yoga on a daily basis, I will be able to lead a more active, balanced and joyous life."
- Deanna B.

"After years of classical dance training, basic yoga, and Bikram and Vinyasa yoga training in the last few years, I can count many teachers who have had an impact on my practice.  However, Val surpasses the masses of teachers and exceeds expectations with her many unique traits as a teacher and guide of yoga.  She transforms the classroom into a space where you can fully engage in your yoga practice as opposed to merely running through a series of poses in a timed environment. Her intuition and observation of each student leads her to create, improvise and modify each day of practice to customize it to the varied students present and help them with their areas of needed growth.  Not only does she see each student and direct various adjustments that would improve their practice, but her extensive knowledge of the anatomy (which is ever growing from her continued studies and her own personal yoga practice) is incorporated into the most balanced and healthy challenge I have encountered in my yoga practice.  The changes in my own practice, muscle strength and flexibility, alignment and overall experience of yoga have skyrocketed since joining Val's classes.  It is a pleasure growing under her guidance and instruction!"    
- Rose S.

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