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Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, Valerie Basile Grunther of Inner Flame Yoga offers group and private and small group yoga lessons for individuals, businesses, and corporations in the Central New Jersey area. Specialties in yoga for low back pain, osteoporosis, chronic illnesses, alignment based flow, gentle, restorative and chair.

Chair Yoga

Private and small group yoga sessions using a chair as a yoga prop. For beginners to advanced yoga students and elderly people with injuries balance issues or physical disabilities.

Using props in a yoga practice can assist us in developing an understanding or character of a posture. Props can be part of the body or anything that is external to the body to support us with postures. A chair can be considered as large blocks allowing the practitioner to move under over and around the surface of support. It can allow for very intense work or a very gentle, modified or restful practice for senior citizens, and people with illness, injury, or balance issues. Chair yoga is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. All yoga postures can be done using a chair.

Any chair you can sit on (dining room, office, airplane) becomes an opportunity to practice yoga. Using a single chair can help you with postural alignment, opening, extending, twisting, breathing and meditating. That includes a wheelchair, which shouldn’t be considered a limitation to your health and well-being. Two chairs can support even more especially with any restricted flexibility. More can be used to deepen feeling or fully support a restorative posture. You can even partner with someone, practicing postures with physical contact and assisting each other with the partner yoga pose. Possibilities are endless and fun!

Chair yoga encourages participants to slow down and focus on one movement at a time. There is particular emphasis on breath, movement and flow. These aspects are beneficial for physical and mental/emotional health. A yoga practice can reduce stress and promote relaxation, encouraging numerous health benefits through the integration of body, mind and spirit.

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